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past events or occurrences that have a particular significance

mosquitoes most deadly animal ever

Mosquitoes – The Most Deadly Pest in History

When you think of mosquitoes you definitely think of being annoyed by the constant biting that takes place when you are trying to enjoy yourself outdoors. The female of the insect needs to bite host organisms to secure nutrient-rich blood for her eggs. So they attack ferociously. Mosquitoes would go down in history as just […]

10 May
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Local History – Why Government Chose Cape Canaveral to Launch Rockets

Cape Canaveral has been the most active rocket launching location in the United States for many decades. The location was chosen in 1950. Prior to that, the U.S. government was launching rockets at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. A new location was needed because of the uncertainty of rocketry. They needed to launch […]

06 Jul
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40 years aniiversary

40 Years of Service

With a vision to serve the Brevard County community by offering a great service, we started Sunstate Pest Management in the year 1980. That was 40 years ago! Its hard to believe how the the time has flown by. Thousands of customers later Sunstate Pest is still here and going strong. The battle against pest […]

02 Jan
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Prehistory of Melbourne

The Melbourne area and eastern Florida has a deep, rich prehistoric history.  Throughout the years of economic development, we have been finding some very interesting items.  Not only do they include bones, they also include shards of pottery and other signs of early life. It’s sometimes difficult to understand what these are considering when you […]

25 Nov
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History of Pest Control

In today’s world, we have many options and strategies for managing pests and insects, not only for farms, but also at the personal level.  Outdoors, we can light citronella candles, use electronic pest systems, spray pesticides or use an insect repellant.  Indoors, we can have a professional come spray, we can purchase insecticides from the […]

24 Sep
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Local: Where did Ponce De Leon land?

It’s been quite the controversy for Florida historians and navigational experts.  Although legend has it that Ponce De Leon landed in St. Augustine, some people actually believe that he first landed right here in the area of Melbourne Beach.  In last year’s 500th anniversary of the landing, the controversy surpassed a local controversy and became […]

26 May
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