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a lizard-like animal that can be of various colors and may resemble a small alligator

Pests that are Invasive Species to Central Florida

We’ve all heard that we are surrounded by “invasive species” before. But, what exactly does “invasive species” actually mean? Basically it means a plant, animal or fungus that has spread to an area by human activity. The implication is that this activity is harmful because the life form is introduced into an environment artificially and […]

26 Apr
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Falling Iguanas in Florida

People come to Florida in the winter for many reasons. They love the sunny weather, mild winters and outdoor activities that we enjoy all year round.  During the 2014/2015 winter, the Farmer’s Almanac predicts that most of Florida will have colder than normal temperatures.  And when temperatures drop below 40, so do the iguanas and […]

17 Nov
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