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grasshoppers that have changed in behavior because their are too many in an area. They swarm and destroy vegetation.

Relative Paradigms (Grasshoppers continued)

Like all insects the grasshopper has six legs, a head, thorax, and abdomen.  Molting several times during its lifespan, it also has an exoskeleton which is a hard outer surface that protects its softer insides in an overlaying fashion similar to armor plating.  A combination of two compound and three conventional eyes allows them to […]

08 Jul
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Evolutionary steps towards this species becoming a locust in a distant future (cont.)

Some grasshoppers can be major crop pests, such as the two-striped grasshopper, which is prevalent in North America and can completely destroy crops during a swarming outbreak. Similar to the foreboding locusts warned about in the Bible, grasshoppers can also swarm, wiping out entire crops in agricultural areas and devastating farming economies. According to the […]

07 Jul
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The Fascinating Case of the Grasshopper and Locust

Studying nature is a profoundly rewarding experience.  With innumerable types of species, plethoras yet undiscovered, planet Earth has an infinitely complex array of life forms existing in the most extreme conditions imaginable.  By understanding that in the vast microcosm of existence, all smaller systems are representative of a larger one.  Adaptability is key to the […]

03 Jul
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