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fruit that got its name from the color it is

Protecting Your Fruit Trees in Melbourne, Florida

Fruit trees provide a large contribution to Florida’s economy… and to roof rats.  Our weather is perfect for growing a wide variety of fruit tree species, including citrus, peaches, fig and avocados.  It also is the prime habitat for a large variety of insects.  Both are prime food sources for this destructive species of omnivorous […]

04 Aug
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Florida Citrus Trees – Common Pests, Diseases, and Disorders

One of the greatest satisfactions is enjoying freshly picked fruit from your own yard. Keeping your citrus trees healthy and free from bothersome pests is the secret to luscious fruit. The most common pests of yard citrus plants include aphids, whiteflies, fire ants, mites, scales, plant bugs, and chewing insects like grasshoppers, katydids, and caterpillars. […]

16 Jul
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