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honey bee survival

Study Concludes that Mosquito Pesticides Do Not Affect Honey Bees

You most probably have heard about the important role honeybees play in the role of pollination on Earth. The bee is vital in the reproduction of plants. Humans depend on plants for food, both to eat and to feed to our livestock. So, when honeybee colonies started collapsing and the number of active bees started […]

26 Dec
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Being Responsible With Pesticide Use

Recently, in the news, there was an article about 13 bald eagles found dead in Maryland.  As of this writing, there has been no definitive reason for the deaths, but poisoning is suspected.  Now, this could be a case of intentional poisoning, which would be horrible, or an accidental poisoning from pesticides or something similar. […]

23 Mar
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Dangerous pesticides still in use

There are many types of pesticides that are used to control crop damaging pests and pests that may carry disease.   Pesticides have been used to eradicate pests since 1000 B C.  The Chinese used sulfur to control fungus and bacteria.  And sulfur is still used today.   The Chinese are also responsible for starting to use […]

25 Jan
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Preparing for Fall in Florida

As the beautiful Florida temperature starts to drop in September and October, we can expect to see an increasing number of bugs and pests seeking shelter indoors.  These can include spiders, cockroaches, and rodents.  By December or January, many are hunkered down for the winter, so it’s important to do some maintenance now in order […]

09 Sep
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The Eco Friendly Approach

It used to be that pesticides and harsh chemicals were the only option for both making your lawn look beautiful and keeping the pests away from your house.  As we learn more about side effects of these old chemicals, such as DDT, we realize that we need something healthier.  We want something that not only […]

28 Mar
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