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narrow faced looking small rodent that looks like a combination of a rat, raccoon and some other creatures

Is Possum a Pest?

About Possums and What May Be Attracting Them to Your Home

Possums are a funny looking creature. People either think they are cute and adorable or they think they looks scary. They are a creature you will see from time to time if you live in a suburb. What are Possums? Though many people automatically assume a possum is a rodent of some sort because of […]

25 Feb
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wild rodent removal

Rodent Removal and Why it is So Important

Rodents can be found in many homes throughout the country. They’re not prone to show up in one area or another. They’re likely to be almost anywhere. When it comes to removing them, a lot of people want to know why. They’re just trying to find a warm place to bring their families and sometimes […]

04 Jan
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