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animals that have 8 legs and two body segments and have a poisonous sting

Taking Care of Your Scorpion Problem

Scorpions are found all across the United States, but of course are most common in desert climates.  They are actually not insects.  They have eight legs and are considered arachnids.  They are ambush predators that hide behind and under stones, sticks, and other objects that provide cover.  Yet, they are known to take up residence […]

11 Jan
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All about Scorpions

Luckily for Floridians, Scorpions are not found all that often in central Florida.  However, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist in the area, because they absolutely do! The average Floridian will run across one every few years.  But every once in a while, someone will either run across several scorpions at once or find evidence […]

19 Mar
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