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an animal that belongs to the family Sciuridae; it looks like a rodent with an, often, bushy tail

squirrels pest?

Are Squirrels Considered a Pest?

As with many things in life, the answer to the question above is subjective. Some people just see little rodents that run around their yard while others see squirrels as their pet. Do we get calls about squirrels? Almost never. If people end up with squirrels in their attic or something they usually patch the […]

10 Jan
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Tips to Help You Keep out Pesky Squirrels this Winter

Squirrels, like most animals, just want to be warm, to have a nice pleasant place to sleep and to have plenty of food to eat. Unfortunately, as winter rolls around, all those things become more difficult to achieve, and many of these pests have to turn to nearby homes in order to stay healthy and […]

07 Dec
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What to do about the squirrels

Birds are so pretty aren’t they?  They are fun to watch as they swoop to feed, they are colorful to look at and their lyrical songs are soothing to hear.  Many bird lovers put up bird feeders in the hopes of attracting these awesome creatures to their backyard. And many bird lovers sincerely wish they […]

14 May
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Got Squirrel Problems?

Nothing aggravates a bird lover any more than looking out at their bird feeders to see the squirrels getting into the food.  There are reports of squirrels chewing through electrical wires and causing power outages, making nests (and huge messes) in the attic, or shredding through insulation to have babies. In Florida, there are three […]

24 Jul
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