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Taking Care of Florida Fleas

We all know that fleas are a big problem to our furry, four-legged companions, both feline and canine.  But chances are, if they’re on your pet, they have now made themselves comfortable in your home, using Fluffy and Sparky as a buffet and laying their eggs everywhere.  These small bugs are a big problem, multiplying quickly and quite difficult to squash.  If you’ve noticed fleas on your pets, they’re probably in your home, and they should be professionally taken care of right away.

How to Identify Fleas

Fleas are a big problem in Florida.  They are extremely tiny, wingless bugs that range in color from dark brown to black.  They are flat and resilient, making them very hard to kill.  They are extraordinary jumpers, able to leap up to nearly four feet high.  If you haven’t seen them in your home directly, one way to know you have a potential infestation on your hands is by your pet.  You might notice that your cat or dog is scratching more frequently and is even losing patches of hair.

Flea Bites

Fleas love cats and dogs.  The fleas that feast on cats, however, tend to stay away from dogs, and vice versa.  Usually, fleas don’t feed upon humans, unless food is scarce.  Bites are irritating and itchy, leading to extreme discomfort.  Some pets and people even experience allergic reactions.

Get Rid of Fleas

The first step in flea pest control is to treat your pets.  Bathe them with flea specific shampoos that kill both adult fleas and eggs.  A few treatments over the course of a couple of weeks may be necessary to ensure that the whole problem is taken care of.

Another part of pest management is to vacuum your entire house, the dark corners of your closets, under the sofa and all furniture.  If there is no suitable host, or the home is too cold, flea pupae can hibernate for nine months or more.  The heat of the vacuum forces them to become adults, helping you to eradicate them before they can lay more eggs.

Professional Pest Management

The best way to ensure that all fleas are taken care of is to call in your local pest control specialist.  Even if you think you’ve taken care of the issue, some pupae may be lying in hibernation, waiting for the right temperature and a good meal to pass by.  More fleas may be living outdoors, which means that your now flea-free companion can pick up more on their next trip out.  Pest management specialists can take care of the whole flea problem and prevent them from coming back.


17 Nov

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