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Technology News from Melbourne

There has been some very interesting technology news that relates to our area and we thought it would be a great idea to share these with you.

* The 2014 Melbourne Air and Space Show took place a few weeks ago . This annual event is always a great time that combines fun and education for people of all ages.  The fantastic US Air Force Thunderbirds performed their death-defying stunts and there were plenty of concessions, vendors and aerial acts.  Word on the street is that the Blue Angels will be performing in March 2015 so stay tuned!

* Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy has introduced using Twitter in the classroom. As part of an advanced English curriculum, the students are expected to tweet during class.  Comments are shown on the whiteboard in the classroom, where the students and teacher can discuss not only content, but responsible social media use.

* The Croton Elementary School’s online art program has been recognized by Artsonia, a highly respected online art museum. The school’s program has been ranked as number one in the state of Florida and number 80 in the United States.  The award not only recognizes the degree of community involvement, but also recognizes the inclusion of technology into the arts.  Congratulations to Mr. Hitchcock and all his students!

* For the fifth straight year in a row, the Florida Institute of Technology has been recognized by the US News & World Report as a Tier 1 Best National University. US News & World Report looks at multiple factors, including graduation rates, average debt of graduates, class sizes and tuition in order to rank schools throughout the nation.

* Embraer Aircraft Holding, Inc opened its new $24.2 million dollar research facility in Melbourne earlier this month. This new center will provide more than 200 aerospace research and engineering jobs for the local area.  They will be tasked with inventing and designing cutting-technology solutions for their clients.

* The Harris Corporation, located in Melbourne, completed the first of four major phases of upgrades to support the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA)’s satellite feeds. These upgrades are designed to handle new frequencies and increased traffic generated by the NOAA’s satellite data feeds.  These upgrades will allow meteorologists in the Florida area to get more detail related to emerging storms, hurricanes and other weather emergencies and to get the data much more quickly than before.

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