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Termites are Very Serious for a Property

When living in Melbourne, Florida, it is important to note that termites can happen at any time. They can cause millions of dollars in damage and most of the time, the homeowners do not even know they’re there. They are though, and as you sleep they are cutting their way through the structure of your home. Don’t let this be you and learn a bit more about termites and what they do to homes.

What Attracts the Termites

Anything that is touching the soil on the ground is a great open door for termites. This could be anything from the home to the fence that is installed around the home. When you put steps, a patio, firewood, insulation, the foundation of a home, downspouts or landscaping timbers outside of your home, this encourages the termites to come out and take a look. Termites are known for building mud tubes. These are what they use on the ground to travel back and forth from the surface to the home that they’re feeding off of.

Treating Your Termite Problem

If you have a termite problem, you should not wait to see a professional. This is because the termites can cause serious damage to the home. This can become a problem when the integrity of the home is not longer able to stay strong.

You need to have a thorough inspection of your home prior to treatment. This can give the professionals an idea of the extent of the damage. The recommended treatment plan depends on the severity of the problem. The degree of infestation is going to change the treatment. The most updated methods are going to be used to rid the home of this problem since you want to ensure that they’re taken care of but also so they do not come back later on.

Usually, the product use is slow acting so that it takes enough time to stay in the area to kill any that come into contact with it. Even if it is within a month, the chemical component will still be there and reduce the chances of having them come back up to feast on the home again.

When using a professional for this service, you can expect to see results that remove the termites from the home in 3 months or less. Many times, the do-it-yourself kits are going to take much longer and will not keep the pests away from the home entirely.

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