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Termite extermination in Melbourne FL

Termites Extermination: Things You Need To Know

If you already doubt that you have termites in your home, then you also may know that calling a pest control service is your safest and best bet at ensuring the extermination goes smoothly. If you have yet to consider hiring them, you need to take the damage they could wreck into account. 

Did you know that termites cause more than 5 billion dollars worth of property damage each year? They don’t just burrow into the wood; they tend to eat their way into the deep foundation of your home. Floors, ceilings, support beams, and even furniture are not safe from termites. 

Therefore, taking action and contacting a reputable pest control in Melbourne, Florida, is crucial. Now, if you wish to learn more about the termite extermination procedure, keep on reading.

What Month Is Ideal For Termite Extermination?

While termites are certainly active for the entire year, it is said that there is a designated month for termite extermination. This isn’t to say that termite prevention isn’t important- you have to take precautionary measures to ensure they don’t occur in the first place or worsen.

However, while pest control services won’t have any issue with exterminating them during summertime, it is considered to conduct those treatments during winter. 

Termite activity is supposedly more predictable, which makes it easier to exterminate them. Seeing as how it is simpler to strategize bait stations for those termites in the winter season, it is considerably more effective to exterminate them too.

This is because termites tend to stick to routes that are closer to their nests. During the winter season, they won’t stray too far for food resources, making them easy to track. 

What Termites Extermination Treatment Methods Do Pest Control Services Use?

Once you are sure of the termite infestation, you will need to contact professional pest control services in Melbourne, Florida, to prevent any serious hazard. For instance, if you don’t take immediate action, you will suffer from weakened wood, foundation, ceiling, floor, and other furniture pieces as well.

In order to make the process effective, the most reputable Melbourne, Florida, pest control services have similar methods to choose from. Below mentioned are some of the most reliable and favored treatment methods to exterminate termites. 

Typically, these methods and treatments vary based on which type of termite you may be dealing with. Additionally, the severity of the infestation, the property (commercial or residential), and its size heavily determine which method the services are likely going to use.

Liquid-Soil Treatment

Liquid-soil treatment is where the experts distribute the solution to the surrounding area of your house. This particular treatment is long-lasting and it has significantly better protection. The average lifespan of this treatment to last is around 5 years.

The workers will dig a trench in the ground around the house, and then this treatment will be poured inside. After the formula is there, the team will fill the trench again. This is to prevent any future infestation while also removing the existing termites.

Wood Treatment

Wood treatment is an alternative that most people prefer since termites typically burrow deep within wooden structures. The experts utilize those surface sprays, foams, and injections to remove the termite.

However, since this treatment requires direct access, it may be tricky to reach the infested area. Regardless of their inaccessibility, it is rather effective. If you are mid-construction, it is best to use sprays. Similarly, foams are good for the wood that has been established for quite some time.

Bait Treatment

The bait treatment is an alternative to conventional methods. This is to draw out the termite by placing multiple baits around their bills. All the baits are strategically placed to make them come out. 

However, while they are incredibly long-lasting, they can take a while to affect. Additionally, you will have to ensure that it has regular maintenance so that the bait never runs out.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to learn about termites’ extermination. If you have seen termites making a bill, don’t hesitate to call a pest control company because not only will they ensure they are gone, but they will also ensure they never return.

In this article, you learned about which month is ideal for extermination and which treatment methods are considered the most reliable and effective. 

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