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Termites? Time to Call Pest Control

Termites are a small insect, but they can do immeasurable damage in a very short amount of time.  They love munching on wood, but wood is not the only thing that attracts them to your home.  Termites can go unnoticed for years, and as such, it’s difficult to assess the damage when you happen across your first sighting.  The moment you cross paths with a termite, it’s time to call your local pest control specialist.

How Bad is the Damage?

Termites work fast.  For this reason, it’s crucial to call in a pest management specialist the moment you see one.  There’s no telling how long they’ve been there.  Termites eat tunnels into your walls, which helps to make room for large colonies, which can easily number in the thousands.  These tunnels can compromise the structure of your home and severely impact the resale value.  Parts of your home may need to be gutted and rebuilt to stabilize the house.  There are several insurance companies that refuse coverage for termite damage because of its extent.

The waste left behind by termites causes other problems.  It leaves an off-putting odor and stains your walls.  These issues can’t be covered up.

What Attracts Termites

Wood is the termite’s food source, and as such is mainly what brings them in.  But it’s not the only factor.  Termites love moist environments, and as you well know, Florida is a humid state, and therefore the perfect environment.  They are attracted to leaky pipes, clogged gutters and drains as well as soggy foundations.

Wooden structures outside of your home that physically come in contact with your house – vines, trellises, tree limbs – provide a bridge from the outside into your home.  From there they can sneak their way in through cracks in the foundation, your roof, your walls and even gaps in your doors and windows.

Taking Care of Termites

You can prevent termites from getting in by trimming back tree limbs and making sure that other outdoor wooden structures are kept away from your house.  Caulk windows and doors that lead outside.  Clean your gutters and drains, keeping away as much moisture as possible.  But if termites have invaded, you should call your local pest control company right away.  These pest management specialists have the knowledge and training to properly eradicate termites and prevent them from coming back.

If you suspect termites, don’t delay.  Call your local Melbourne, Cocoa or Cocoa Beach, Florida pest control company right away.  Your house will thank you.

25 Oct

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