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Eau Gallie Florida

The History of Eau Gallie Florida

Newcomers to the area probably wonder why this particular part of Melbourne has its very own name “Eau Gallie’. I mean, after all, its just another part of Melbourne isn’t it? Well, it is now. But before 1969, when the residents of Eua Gallie voted to merge with Melbourne, it was its very own town. It stood for 100 years on its own before the merger.

In 1869 former Lt. Gov William Henry Gleason acquired a thirty square mile piece of land that ran from the Indian River to Lake Washington. The name origin is a little bit of a mystery. The word “Eau” means water in French. But there is no word “Gallie” is not French at all. Some folks have assumed it is an Indian word but there is no proof of that either. The best explanation is that it was originally called “Eau galet” ( galet meaning”pebble” in French). The rocky waters in the area are the inspiration for the name according to many historians.

In the 1960’s, the City of Melbourne was expanding north. It was soon bumping into Eua Gallie. The city officials of Melbourne approached Eau Gallie officials with the proposition of a merger. The arrangement would benefit both towns. The residents were able to vote on the merger and in 1969 it was approved.

Eau Gallie still has an identity of its own. The small downtown area near the Eau Galie Causeway is home to many interesting shops, restaurants and a brewery. The area is called EGAD (Eau Gallie Arts District). This is because there is a theme that runs through it. There are huge murals painted on buildings. There are antique and art shops. And there is an art museum called “The Foosaner Art Museum” in the area. However, the museum recently sold to a developer and a hotel and parking garage is planned to be built on the location.

Here at Sunstate Pest, we have been serving the residents of Eau Gallie since 1980. We have a great relationship with the folks in the area. If you live in Eau Gallie and are facing pest problems, please give us a call. We can craft an effective and affordable plan for you right away.


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