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the love bug phenomenon

The Love Bug Invasion – Is it Over?

If you live in Central Florida you were definitely affected by “love bugs” this past week. This little black bug (and their attached mate) swarm the area this time every year for about a week and cover everything with their presence.

I noticed that this year was especially bad for my house as they seemed to be amassing on my front door. They had not done this in prior years, so I decided to do some sleuthing. Me to my phone: “OK Google, why are love-bugs swarming my front door?” Google proceeded to tell me that these buggers are attracted to bright surfaces, especially houses that were freshly painted in bright colors. Bingo. My front door has a fresh coat of white pain on it.

One local article offered temporary relief by tricking the love bugs into a bowl where they would drown in water and baby oil. I am not sure I want to go through all that. In a few weeks time the love-bugs will disappear altogether, only to make a brief return in the fall.

The peak of the mating season is in the first 7-10 days. But the love bug mating season can last up to a month. You will initially see heavy love-bug activity followed by a few weeks of a lighter love-bug presence. There are actually 2-3 generations of the bug during this time because adult females only live about one week and adult males only live 3-5 days.


So, now that they are gone, where did they all go? Well, they are dead. The females laid their eggs and then they died. Such is the life of a love bug.

The tiny eggs are laid in the soil as well as dark hidden spots in and around your yard. Regular yard maintenance can help destroy the eggs but in general the effort is futile as the entire county of Brevard in blanketed with them. The bugs you see most likely didn’t spawn from your yard.

10 May

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