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The Super Roach Unmasked and Exposed in Cocoa Beach

What exactly is the super roach? Are they all not super? You can cut their heads off and they will live inside your Cocoa Beach home forever, won’t they?

Roaches are little insects that no one wants to deal with because of their ability to live on forever inside homes, dark places and crawling in areas that you probably cannot see. Not only that, but in Cocoa Beach, they multiply by the hundreds. When you think you just have one or two, you actually have hundreds of them crawling around inside your home.

When exterminators back in the 90’s would spray to remove the bugs, they just kept on staying within the home and not wanting to leave. This was amazing to the exterminators, since their methods were ones that were widely used and actually worked for a while. However, the roaches developed a plan of their own and became immune to this type of spraying.

Keeping Up with These Bugs

Not only are roaches one of the bugs adapting to the spraying that is being done, but there are many other bugs that have evolved over time and the usual methods that once worked, are no longer working. This is why the roach is thought of as a ‘super bug’ because they’re just too hard to kill.

Since evolution is a thing, and it is a quite common one; roaches are just like us and will try to adapt and overcome in order to maintain their species. Due to this, many of the sweet, sticky solutions that were once used to kill them are not as effective as some of the newer methods that have been recently developed. With another ten years or so, you can come to expect that these same roaches are going to adapt and change once again, making them immune to the new methods being used.

This is when scientists are going to have to come up with another way to spray for these roaches to remove them from the home entirely.

No one wants to find super roaches living in their Cocoa Beach homes, but it is something that can happen and might happen. You need to speak with professionals that know varying tricks to remove them entirely from the home. When they are easily able to be removed, you can rest assured knowing that you do not have to live with them.

15 Jul

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