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These Spiders Are Scary

Unless you are dealing with black widow spiders or brown recluse spiders you really have nothing to fear when it comes to spiders in your home. Most spiders may be creepy, but are harmless. If one bites you there may be a little swelling, but no more than a mosquito bite and it will go down soon enough. If you are dealing with black widows or recluse spiders it is a different story. If you think you’ve seen one don’t try to handle it yourself. Call a pest control service to handle it for you.

Spiders get into your home in a variety of ways. They can hitchhike on boxes or outdoor items you bring into your home. The most common ways they enter the home are through open windows, poorly screened windows or doors. They can also get in through gaps around the doors or windows. If you seal off these areas you minimize the chances of them getting inside. This makes it easier to eradicate the ones that have gotten inside.

Once inside where do they go? You usually are alerted to their presence by a web that is being spun. You might think it may be a good thing to have one or two to control the insect population and that may be true, except they do multiply and before you know it you have more than one or two. Where they hide depends largely on the species.

You may find them in a dark, moist basement hiding out in the rafters or the corners. They also hide in crawlspaces; anywhere that it is dark and moist. Other species of spiders prefer the dryer areas of your home. You may find them in upper air vents. Or they may be in an attic or the corners of rooms. Wherever they are, they like it dark.

If you are dealing with recluse or black widow spiders you have to be doubly careful. They hide in drawers, old clothing, shelves in sheds, storage boxes and other places where you can’t see your hands when you reach in. If you even think you have a black widow or recluse spider problem always wear gloves when reaching into areas that you can’t see.

The safest way to solve a spider problem in Melbourne, Florida is to bring in a pest control specialist. They can identify the types of spiders you are dealing with and eradicate them safely and professionally.

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