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Three Ways to Naturally Repel Raccoons

Raccoons appear to be cute little animals wearing their trademark “robber’s mask” while they meander around the yard. But, Raccoons can cause homeowners a lot of headaches.

The animal can be a nuisance when it comes to destroying property. They get into trash, under the house, into the attic. But, Raccoons can be more than just a regular nuisance when it comes to human health. They can carry rabies as well as cause Baylisascaris, an infection caused by roundworms found in raccoon feces.

In this article I want to go over three natural ways you can repel raccoons from your property. The sooner you start the better. Raccoons are know for their ability to reproduce rapidly and fill an area with hungry and aggressive offspring.

  1. Pepper – Raccoons have very sensitive smell and will avoid areas which cause irritation. You can actually spread table pepper, cayenne pepper or even cinnamon around your home to repel this pest. If you sprinkle it under areas where rain can’t wash it away, the effect will be more durable.
  2. Ammonia – If you take some old rags or t-shirts and soak them in ammonia, you can then place them under your home or deck to repel raccoons. Crawls spaces are also a good spot for this repellent. The raccoon cannot stand the overpowering smell of ammonia.
  3. Mothballs – This traditional treatment to protect clothing and paper from moths can come in handy here to repel the raccoon pest as well. You can place these around your home and in crawl spaces to repel raccoons.

All of these principles work the same way. They use the raccoon’s super ability of smell against them. If you have tried methods like these but to no avail, call a licensed pest control agent right away for help.

Raccoons are scavengers and are not to be fed. Feeding raccoons bring more raccoons and soon the neighborhood can be overwhelmed with the presence of raccoons. There are many stories over the years of people feeding raccoons and then moving out of the neighborhood when the raccoon problem became unbearable.

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