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Tips for Handling an Asian Beetle Infestation

While standard ladybugs that we know and love are seen as good luck and aren’t much of a problem at all, the same can’t be said for the Asian beetle. This pest is often mistaken for a ladybug, and it’s viewed by many people as good luck. Unfortunately, the beetle reproduces quite quickly, and unlike the ladybug that just hibernates in trees and other locations during the winter, this bug likes to look for a nice warm home to lounge in during the colder months. You’ll get large numbers of them in your home, and they can be quite difficult to deal with over time.

Light Traps

There are special light traps made to capture insects, and they work well for Asian beetles. In order to cut down the population of the little guys in your home, set up a few of these traps around the house, and leave them in areas that get very dark at night. You’ll quickly see that you are catching quite a few of the beetles each night that you go to sleep, and that will go a long way toward helping you diminish your infestation.

Block them Out

It can be tough figuring out where these little beetles get into your home, because they are quite small and it’s not always obvious where they are crawling in from. To help you figure out where the beetles are coming from, pay close attention to them and where they seem to go throughout the day. With a bit of observation, you’ll quickly figure out where they are coming in at, and what needs to be sealed up. Once you know, you can go around the room sealing up cracks, and blocking off any entrances that you don’t want the bugs using.

Relocate Them

Using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, or a broom and dustpan, remove every single beetle that you see, and put them outside or anywhere else other than your home. Do this all the time, and eventually you will have relocated a good portion of the beetle population. It doesn’t take very long to pick up beetles as you see them, and with a vacuum cleaner you should be able to get through large areas known for having beetles in a short period of time.

If the above tips and techniques aren’t helping you lower the population of these little pests, you can get additional help with the problem calling in a pest control expert. They’ll understand how to deal with the bugs, and should be able to remove them from your home entirely, or at the very least really downsize their local population.

03 Jan

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