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Today’s Pest Control Products are the Best They Have Ever Been

Not only are they safer for children and pets, but they are extremely effective. The success of ridding your home or business of pests does not rely solely on the type of products used however, the knowledge and experience of the technician who is treating the problem is also a factor. The prevalent use of pest management services and their increased effectiveness begs the question where and when did pest control start? How did we get where we are today?

The first use of pesticides was recorded in Mesopotamia over 4,500 years ago. Ancient texts revealed elemental sulfur was used to control mites and other insects. Other evidence of early pesticide use such as mercury and arsenic was also seen in 500 BC China, this time to control head lice. While there is evidence of people trying to combat the pests around them, it would be many centuries before the first recorded study of pests in Switzerland in the 1700’s was performed to form strategies to combat them.

The 1800’s saw more of the scientific approach to treating pests with the rise in entomological programs and the accompanying studies of how health and agriculture are affected by pests. This century also saw the rate of pest infestation increase significantly. Pests like lice and bedbugs were able to thrive due to the increase in urbanization. Towards the end of the century, lead arsenic grew in popularity as an effective pest control agent, it would be almost ten years before the consequences of its use was recognized.

Commercial pest control developed and grew into the 20th century especially in the United States, and with it the need for federal regulation on the use of pesticides. The most well known regulated pesticide in the world today is probably DDT. Widely used in the 1940’s, the US Government began regulating the insecticide in the 1950’s before completely banning its use in 1972. Other countries around the world were taking the same steps and today its only used to control the spread of malaria in certain areas of the world.

Today’s pesticides and insecticides are much safer than they once were due to strict regulation. When choosing to apply pest control measures in and around your home, the professionals at Sunstate know just what to do to keep your family safe while effectively treating your home. So be sure to give us a call to take care of all your lawn and home pest maintenance needs.

16 Oct

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