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Types of Ants in Central Florida

Central Florida’s climate and geographical positioning makes it ideal for a huge range of flora and fauna. This has allowed numerous species of ants to thrive in central Florida. According to wildlife researchers, there are about 221 species of ants in this part of the world and many consider central Florida’s ant population beyond control, leading to an increased demand for experienced pest control companies to step in.

Ghost Ants

Some of the most common pests in Central Florida are ghost ants. They are very light in color, and they move quickly. Due to their small size and sharp sense of smell, you can find them attacking any sweet opened food in a matter of seconds. Their sharp teeth enable them to break through packaged food with ease and speed. Ghost ants are adaptable to almost any living environment and can form colonies in any habitat.

Pest control measures should be undertaken with patience and vigilance. Pay attention and you may be able to help identify the type of ant you are facing. Certain ants like the fire ants have the capacity to cause death to humans so be careful and if you’re unsure give Sunstate Pest Management a call and we can come take a look. A few of the most common ants that survive in central Florida are army ants, ghost ants, carpenter ants and fire ants.

Pest Control Measures

A normal pest control technique is to create baits like sweet syrups and sticky sweets that help to lure the ants and render them immobile when they arrive. This will allow you to discard the whole lot of ants in the bin. If you see some ants there are likely large colonies that have developed in isolated places nearby. This could be your garage or lawn, or any place where there is not much of a disturbance.

Be very careful if you try to eradicate ants on your own – you might just make them mad. It’s  usually worth the money to hire a professional ant terminator pest control service that will come and clear the whole lot of ants in a matter of minutes. Sunstate Pest Management uses safe products that won’t put your pets or family at risk and we offer you the peace of mind of knowing the job was done right the first time.

Many times households resort to simple, effective measures like sprays that can kill ants, cockroaches, bugs etc. and if you decide to go this route be sure to read the warning label and make sure that you don’t miss any problem areas. Check in corners, dustbins, under the carpets, under beds, in between cushions and sofa sets. These are all attractive spots for central Florida ants to hideout and survive. Once you find one ant just follow its trail to the rest of the ants. You can be sure to reach the colony or any hole in the wall or door. Then, you can begin spraying in that small hole and be ready for some fireworks!

Keep a constant lookout in gardens and moist areas outside your home. It is in these areas, that pest control products should be used and if you’re new to central Florida it’s a good idea to speak with an experienced pest control company like Sunstate Pest Management. We can advise you about strategies to help prevent infestation. As your neighbors we want to keep your home pest-free.

All ants like to live in warm, moist, comfortable and dark places. You can find them under a bed of fungal growth or mulch in the corner of your garden. An easy way to fix this is to scoop out the dirt with a broom or stick and apply termite powder around the area. This will inhibit their attempts to settle down there again.

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