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Types of damage that pests can do

While sitting on my porch one day, I noticed what looked like sawdust here and there on the floor.  I wondered where it came from but didn’t think much else about it and soon forgot it.  A few days later I was once again sitting on the porch and noticed more sawdust.  This time I also saw large bees flying around the porch ceiling.  These bees were going into holes in the wood.  In doing a little research I learned these were carpenter bees or boring bees.  This is one type of damage that can be caused by a pest.  The bees eat out the wood to build their nests in there.  The holes themselves are minor, but this also leaves your home open to water damage and wood rot from the holes.

Homes are susceptible to other pests as well.  Wood is a favorite target of many types of pests.  Termites, well, everyone knows that termites tunnel through your wood.  A large termite infestation can weaken the wood beam and cause structural failure.  It may take a number of termites, but a few squirrels or mice can do similar damage to wood and also to your electrical wires.  Squirrels and mice can eat through wood and insulation. Not only are they damaging the wood in your home, they are spreading feces and urine in your walls.  And while they are at it, they can try to chew through electrical wires.  This is normally fatal for the squirrel or mouse, but can also be the cause of a fire in your home.  It’s easy to see why it’s important to take care of these pests when you become aware they are cohabitating with you.

Not only can pests cause damage to your home, they can spread disease.  Cockroaches, flies and other insects carry bacteria that can cause illness.  Mosquito and tick bites can cause diseases that can be life threatening.  West Nile virus and Lyme disease related deaths happen every year. Rodents such as mice, squirrels and rats can carry bacteria as well as rabies.  Larger types of pests such as raccoons and skunks can also carry rabies that will require intense treatments if you become infected.

You can see why it is so important to take action when pests are discovered in and around your home.  Protect your home and your family by contacting a professional pest control company to handle these invasive pests.

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