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Use a Bug Zapper to Reclaim Your Porch

Living in Brevard County means, among other things, learning to deal with flying pests. From mosquitoes, to house flies, to gnats and others, flying insects are simply a part of living in a warm climate. If you have been driven from your porch or deck because of these critters, consider using a bug zapper to fight back.

The Evolution of Bug Zappers
Decades ago, bug zappers were large and cumbersome things. Sitting on a porch giving off a distinct glow along with the occasional pop and sizzle of bug meeting its maker, they were of dubious effect in the overall scheme of things. What’s more, because they tended to collect mounds of zapped insects, they could quickly become eyesores.

However, times have changed, and so have bug zappers. While you can still acquire the electrified zappers that were so prevalent years ago, they are much more effective today. By learning more about flying pests—including the exact types of light that most appeal to them—manufacturers have been able to refine the design of bug zappers to maximize their effectiveness.

These new zappers can be highly effective, noticeably lowering flying insect populations in as little as a few evenings. If you put one of these out, the pests will be attracted to it—more than they are to you—and will suffer the (lethal) consequences.

A Zap-less Zapper?
In addition to electrified zappers that are more effective, technology has brought about another kind of bug zapper. Technically, this device is not a zapper, as it does not use an electrical current to dispatch bugs.

Rather, this type of device emits faint traces of carbon dioxide—the same gas that we emit when we exhale—to fool critters into thinking that it is a human. Some insects such as mosquitoes have developed the ability to detect this, and follow it to its source—thinking that the source is a tasty person to bite.

When the insects get close to the device, a small fan sucks them into a holding area, where they remain until they die. There is no characteristic zap, no burning insect smell, and—best of all—no more insect buzzing around you.

If you have had to retreat from your Melbourne, Florida porch or deck due to the onslaught of flying pests, consider getting a bug zapper. Whether you go with the traditional electrified zapper, or one of the next-generation devices, you’ll find that you are once again able to go out and enjoy the evening.

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