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Orange peels for my garden

Using Orange Peels as a Pest Repellant in Your Garden

Most folks who have a small garden will face a pest problem at some point. After all, the delicious vegetables you are growing are delicious to other creatures as well. And those beautiful flowers are like a neon sign for certain bugs. So what can you do to stop these pests?

Types of Pests

The types of pests you will face in your garden are myriad but some of the most common include aphids, ants, beetles, lady bugs and caterpillars. All of these insects need wild nutrients to stay alive and thrive. Your garden is the perfect place for them to get this.

Natural Repellant

One trick that many garden owners use to repel pests is that they rub orange peels in and around their garden. Its a simple trick and can resolve/prevent mild pest problems.

The natural tannins of the peels is repugnant to most bugs. Not only do they find the smell to be unattractive they actually find it to be repugnant.

How to Apply

There are a few ways to apply the natural repellant orange peel. Below we will list the two main ways:

  1. Make an Orange Spray – You can actually boil a handful of orange peels in water for ten minutes and then apply the liquid directly to the plants after it has cooled to room temp. Its best to test on one plant first to make sure your solution isn’t too strong and that the plant can tolerate the spray.
  2. Apply Chopped Up Peels to the Base – Grind your peels up and sprinkle them at the base of the plant or even the perimeter of the garden itself. This may keep the invading pests at bay.

If you find this solution to be ineffective it may be time to escalate the effort. You can try do-it-yourself treatments from the hardware store or you can call on professional pest control services. A service like ours has many years of experience when it comes to eliminating pests from gardens.


28 Mar

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