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Using Sensible Landscaping to Reduce Pests

It’s just a fact of life in Melbourne, Florida: there will be pests. Whether you’re dealing with cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, silverfish, or one of any other of the common vermin in the area, the battle to keep their numbers at bay is a never-ending one.

Yet, there are things you can to do help reduce the insect population around your home or business. One thing is to use your landscaping to your advantage.

Use Plants to Fight Pests

One good thing about Brevard County is that most plants will grow quite well in the climate. As such, you have a fairly wide selection of landscaping plants you can use to help keep insects away.]

Some plants, such as certain types of thyme, give off a particular scent when they are touched. Insects don’t like the scent and will go somewhere else rather than trying to overcome it. A good strategy is to plant rings of these plants around places where insects might enter your home or office building.

Another option is to plant pots of these plants in strategic areas around your deck or patio. The plants will give off a scent that is almost imperceptible to people, but quite noticeable to insects.

On the subject of plants, select foliage with narrow leaves rather than broad shady leaves. Many insects thrive in a moist environment, and the shady areas underneath many broad-leaved plants are prime real estate for pests.

Likewise, be sure to keep your plants trimmed, especially if they grow in a moist area. Simply keeping the lawn at a manageable height is a great way to eliminate hiding spots and breeding grounds for mosquitoes, roaches, and other pests.

Make Sure to Address the Slope of Your Land

Many homeowners never stop to consider that the topography of their lawn can actually contribute to a pest problem. If your lawn has areas where the ground is lower, moisture can pool there and create a habitat for pests.

Likewise, the ground should gently slope away from the home or office building. When it rains, you want the water to run away from the structure.

Living in Brevard County does not mean you have to settle for a life filled with pests. By following these tips, you can make great strides in your fight to keep the insect population down. Then you can enjoy your property the way you wish without having to endure bites, swarming, and other nuisances.

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