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Wasps and Why They Become More Aggressive in the Fall

Wasps tend to be bothersome creatures, and so many are scared of them because they can sting, it does hurt and they won’t stop at anything. But did you know? Wasps become even more aggressive and all over the place as the cooler weather sets in throughout Viera, and then we say goodbye to the warmer weather, which is when you normally see them out and about.

Do you know why this is?

As their diets turn from carbohydrates and proteins, the wasps will find other alternatives in order to keep going for a longer period of time. When they fill up in the summer, they’re getting hearty nutrients, but during the fall months, their diets consist more of sugary foods such as ripe fruit and soda that they find lying around in cans in the yard.

The females in the colony are usually the ones that have to go out and hunt down their source of food. This is when they are on a search and nothing is going to stop them in the process. When they’re at your backyard barbecue in Viera, this is when problems can occur. They’re not going to stop at anything in order to collect the food and bring it back to their colonies.

They will sting any humans that get in their way, try to shoo them off or that almost step on them. They become aggressive because they need this sugar, this food and this fuel to keep living throughout the colder months and to continue on when the next warm spring in Viera rolls around once again.

Not only that, but wasps have built in receptors that allow them to send out pheromones to other wasps in the area. So if you swat at them and they don’t like it, they can get 20 other wasps on you without having to lift a finger. This could be bad news for you in the end. When it comes fall time, they really need that food and they are going to make sure they get it.

Remove the issue with an exterminator that can come out and ensure that no one is harmed, the wasps are gone and that you can enjoy your outdoor festivities once again.

Don’t let this happen to you when the time comes. Ensure that you’re diligent at picking up the sugary treats after your backyard barbecues in Viera, so you can keep these little pests away, especially during the fall months of the year. You do not want to find yourself in a battle against twenty wasps to you. This could prove to be a problem.

16 Jul

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