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Ways that Pests Get into Your Home During Holidays

The season of friends and family is right around the corner. First, we have Thanksgiving, and then a month later we have Christmas. Finally, just a week after Christmas, we have New Years Eve. There will be lots of foot traffic in your home and what better time for pests to get into your nice cozy home which is loaded with delicious food?

In this article we will list four ways that pests can get into your home this holiday season.

1 – Decorations and Christmas Tree from Storage – You will be bringing in boxes from the attic or storage shed pretty soon. Just remember that moths, mites, roaches and a myriad of other critters could have made your ornament box their home over the last 11 months. Before you bring the box in, check the outside for little holes or rodent damage. Remove the contents on your patio or anywhere outside your house and inspect before bringing them in.

2- Suitcases – When people come to visit they bring their luggage. Suitcases can often contain bugs picked up while they were stored. Or, if the person recently stayed at a hotel, they can be carrying bedbugs in their baggage. It is a good idea to vacuum often around the holidays.

3 – Extra Trash and Food Waste – When enjoying the company of friends and family we can tend to overdo it with the eating. We may leave food laying out. Or we may be dropping crumbs while walking around and eating. The holidays are good for pests too. They appreciate the uptick in available food.

4 – Firewood – This time of year it cools down a bit. And those Florida residents with fireplaces finally get to use them. But beware of the tick or spider that may have been calling your firewood home this year. They will hop off into your home when you transfer the wood indoors.

It is a good idea to be mindful of pests this time of year. Don’t let them spoil your holiday fun. But if you find your self with a pest problem after the holidays, get yourself the gift of pest control. It may be the best present you get this year.

19 Nov

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