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Dust bunnies, what are they?

What are Dust Bunnies and Do They Carry Pests?

So-called dust bunnies are a peculiar thing. You keep a clean home and do everything you are supposed to, yet when you look under the bed or behind some furniture there are these awful staring back at you. So, what exactly is a dust bunny?

To put it simply, dust bunnies are balls of hair, cloth, dust and other fine particulates which cling together over time. A draft in the room helps blow the particles around. Static electricity can help them cling together. They got their name because they often take on a fluffy round appearance.

Harmful or Not?

Dust bunnies can be harmful in a few ways. First, some humans are highly allergic to dust and the matter within it. Therefore dust bunnies can be very bad for them. Secondly, there are actually small pests which can live within these things. Namely, mites have been know to find a home in dust bunnies. In fact, One gram of dust can house almost 200 house-dust mites.

Dust can trigger asthma, allergies and can irritate and further weaken an already vulnerable immune system. Ideally, you want  to keep your home as dust free as possible.

How to Keep Your Home Dust Free

Naturally, the number one answer here is to regularly wipe down your surfaces. We suggest at least once per week. Second, make sure to change your AC/heat air filters on a regular basis. Make sure you do your laundry regularly and keep the dryer vent clean. Finally, purchasing a nice home air filtration system is a good idea.

About Dust Mites

  • These mites are too small to see with the naked eye.
  • They basically eat dead organic material such as your skin cells.
  • They enjoy warm mild climates like those in your house.
  • They are gametically related to fleas, chiggers and spiders.
  • There is no way to prevent them from getting into your home however, you can limit their numbers by keeping a clean home.

Pest Control for the WIN

Regular pest control treatment can really put a damper on dust mites. When your agent treats your home or apartment, dust mites number shrink to nearly zero. Your pest control specialist has a “whole home approach” which means they know exactly how much treatment to use and where to use it to ensure maximum effectiveness against the most number of pests.




06 Nov

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