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What Attracts Ants Into Your Home?

Often we will go on a service call about ants and the customer appears to be dumbfounded. They put out some ant bait and the ants walk right by it. They ask if the bait is defective. Usually it turns out that they used the wrong kind of trap for the type of infestation they have.

Depending on the species of ant, they will desire different types of food. But most people don’t have the time or ability to get down into an ant pile and identify what species of ant is plaguing them. That is why it is important to call an ant removal specialist. We can identify the ant and know the best way to attack them. And I can tell you that it will take a lot more than putting down a sugary strip with poison in it.

Q: So, disregarding species of ant, what are ants attracted to in general?

A: Ants are living, breathing creature, like you and me. Therefore what they need to stay alive is very similar.


First, we must point out the obvious. Ants need a spot where they are not threatened. Around and under your house will usually provide a good sheltered area where they can set up shop. And once they get going, they can build a nest of hundred of thousands of ants.


All living animals require some type of sodium intake. Even if it is in the most minute amounts. Salt is basically what you hear being called “electrolytes” on those sports drink commercials.  It is necessary for ATP at the cellular level.


Yep. Ants need water to. Water is often called the “lifeblood” of life itself. And when scientists look for life outside of Earth they usually try to identify if the planet or moon has water first.  Water keeps the ant hydrated and removes waste from its system just like it does humans. And an ant is made up mostly of water as well.


Grease is a powerful food source. It is made from fat and as you probably know, fat is one of the most powerful energy sources for living creatures that exists. Remove all fats from around your cooking area and dispose of them as soon as possible.


Many ants do enjoy sugar. It is loaded with calories. They prefer liquid sugars because they are much easier to eat. Sugar is not at the top of the list of desired food for several ant species but you can bet that it will attract others.

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