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How to Prevent Flies

What Attracts Flies Into Your Home

Flies are a well known nuisance to many people. They slip into your home and then buzz around you and generally just annoy you until you are able to kill them. But flies are more than just an annoyance. They can be a health hazard.

Flies can spread gastrointestinal disease. These diseases include dysentery and food poisoning. Flies will land on feces or rotting biological material and then land on food and other surfaces that humans touch regularly. They will also lay their eggs in and around food that humans eat. This puts humans at risk of getting severely ill.

What Attracts Flies

We mentioned food above. Flies will go anywhere they smell a food source. They are also attracted to other flies. So, if you get flies into your home, other flies are sure to follow.

Flies especially love the smell of rotting food and anything vinegary because of the fermenting process associated with it. For this reason, your garbage can is like a fly magnet. Your trash container inside your home and the one outside your home are basically beacons for flies.

Fly Prevention

Staying on top of household chores is the best prevention. Cleaning your counters, sinks and toilets regularly are a must. Taking your household trash out to the bin on a regular basis is a good idea. This is the reason so many people use small trash cans inside, usually of the 13 gallon variety. They fill up quickly and need to be removed often.

Keep your outdoor trash can away from your doors. The flies that are around your can will dash inside your home if given half a second to do so. They are always scavenging, looking for new food source and somewhere to lay their eggs.

In Florida, the trash service usually picks up twice a week. This is often enough to keep the trash in the bin from drawing too much attention from the flies. Unfortunately, having a trash can outside also means it is in the sun. The heat from the sun can expedite the decomposition process of anything within the can and that will surely attract more flies. If at all possible keep your can in a shaded area, but like I said, away from the doors.

Having screened windows is a must If you have windows with no screens then you will most positively get flies. Invest in a couple good fly swatters to have around the house and make sure to clean them after use.

We hope this article helps you understand the house fly better and maybe even will help you prevent flies from getting inside your home.

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