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What Bedbugs Look Like

We are all pretty confident that we don’t have bedbugs living in our home with us. We change the sheets, groom the dog and bathe often. But all it takes is a stay in a not-so-clean hotel and you can bring these nasty little things back to your abode.

Bedbugs are tiny bloodsucking parasites which live in your furniture waiting for the right time to come out and feast on you. This is usually when you are asleep. Once they take hold on your bed and furniture it is a pain to get rid of them.

What Do They Look Like?

First let us tell you that they are big enough to see with the naked eye. The younger bug may be very hard to spot but an adult can grow as large as an apple seed. The more they feed the larger they become.

They are a brownish-red round shaped bug with six legs and a pair of antenna. Their mouth is designed to easily penetrate skin and gain them access to the blood beneath.

How Do I know They are There?

Sometimes you may spot tiny blood specs on your sheets. Also, the bug gives off a scent which is said to smell like coriander. You can also peel back your sheets and look with a flashlight and a magnifying glass. You may see little tiny bug bits and like we mentioned above, tiny specs of blood.

What to Do?

Don’t panic. Get on Google and find a local pest control agent. Make sure they are rated highly. Schedule an appointment with them asap. They will be able to give you details of the solutions for a bedbug problem.

There is an initial treatment and follow up treatments to make sure the threat is eliminated for good.

18 Mar

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