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What Can I Do About These Ants?

If you live in Melbourne, Florida you know all about ants. They are everywhere and they are annoying. But worse than being annoying some bite and sting and this can be a problem for someone who is allergic to the bites. You want to get rid of the ants, but you aren’t sure how to do it. You have purchased over-the-counter bug spray but it doesn’t seem to get them all.

The first problem that you are encountering is that Florida is the home to many different species of ants and types of ants. In Brevard County, you have house-infesting ants, yard-infesting ants and carpenter ants. One insecticide does not fit all and that is the problem you have been having with your ant spray. Unless you have identified the species of any you can’t be sure you have the right tool to do the job.

Different types of ants feed on different things. This means that for you to eliminate them from your property you have to know which ants you have on your property. Many ants feed on honeydew left from sucking insects. Most like protein, oils and sugars. Others, like fire ants, will also feed on oils and plants. Most will feed on other insects. If you don’t get their food source under control you will have a hard time eliminating the ants.

The wonderful thing about a pest control professional is that they know their bugs. They understand that different bugs have different habits and like different living conditions. Knowing their nesting behavior goes a long way to finding ant central. If you find it you hit pay dirt. With pest control specialists, it isn’t a question of if they find it, but when they find it.

Pest control specialists know where to look. They can spot the telltale signs that a certain species of ant is living nearby. They know the differences in their anthills or other places they live. They know where to look for carpenter ant nests which are usually galleries that have been executed in bad wood. They don’t harm sound wood, but that woodpile in your backyard could be a problem area.

Once they have identified the type of ant infestation that you are afflicted with they can begin to solve our problem. They will identify the nesting areas and treat those first. You should notice a difference quickly. They will also point out areas where ants can get in and give you advice on how to mitigate these areas.

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