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What Can I Do About These Roaches?

When you live in Melbourne, Florida you get used to dealing with pests. NO, we’re not talking about the human kind we’re referring to the insect variety. Most pest control companies have seen it all. What we know is that once we leave our customers want to make sure the bugs don’t come back. They want to do whatever they can to ensure that they don’t provide a home that is friendly to these pesky insects. We can help. Here are some tips to keeping roaches away.

Any plan to prevent safe harbor must include elimination and exclusion. Elimination specifically refers to ensuring that you get rid of food sources, water sources, a place to stay – safe harbor. It also requires exclusion – removing the methods they use to get into your house.

The first thing to do is to sanitize. A cockroach’s feces contain a pheromone (scent) that attracts other roaches to the area. Scrubbing areas where you see roach feces with hot, soapy water reduces the amount of that chemical and may cause other roaches to bypass your house in favor of a friendlier smelling home. The next thing you must do is vacuum. This eliminates feces and cockroach skins that aggravate allergies.

Next, start eliminating their entry way. First is cardboard. Cockroaches love corrugated cardboard and they love using it as a nest. They also are fond of hitchhiking rides into your home in your grocery bags. Inspect them carefully to ensure there are no bugs. This is not as prevalent with plastic bags.

Keep your doors and windows shut and in good repair. Roaches will sneak in through gaps and cracks. Make sure your plumbing fixtures have a tight seal. Caulk them if they don’t. Basically, make sure you seal gaps and cracks everywhere and if you visit someone whose home has bugs, inspect your handbags and backpacks before you go into your home.

Lastly, you have to eliminate sources of food and water. Fix leaking pipes and don’t let water stand in your sinks for long. Empty your refrigerator pans and remember if you overwater your plants, that water is available to roaches too. Outside you should eliminate places that collect water like empty plant containers or tires though you probably already do that for mosquito control.

As for food, don’t let your dishes sit in your sink. Empty the drain trap regularly and keep your sink clean, preferably empty as well. Promptly wash up spills on your countertops and seal all your food, including pet food.

18 Feb

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