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What Do You Do if Bees Get Inside the Home?

If you have bees inside your home, you will find that a lot of different tactics might not work to remove them. They continue to thrive inside the walls or other cracks that you find, causing them to fly around the inside and not the outside of the house. You may also find that you’re unable to use vents and other features of the home, since this would draw the bees into the house even more.

There are ways to prevent this from happening inside the property that you own.

Dont Keep Vents and Other Places Open

When the back of the vents are open on the outside of the home, this gives the bees a chance to get inside the home. You want these trap doors closed, so that you can eliminate the need for them to come into the house. If you keep these vents open, many times bees will find them and they will set up their nests, since they’re out of the outdoor elements and they’re protecting the hive within the hole.

Check All Siding

Never have opened, broken or hanging siding on the side of your home. You do not want to worry about the bees getting inside the siding and then inside the home when they burrow in through the wood of the home. This not only means you have bees inside the house, but it also means that you have wood issues inside the home, as well.

Put Flowering Plants Away From the House

Flowering plants are beautiful, but if you’re attracting the bees to the sides of the home with them, then you may want to consider the placement. By putting them further away from the home, they’re more tempted to stay over by them and not by the house that you have. Keeping these plants at a distance, or planting ones that deter bees by your home can ensure that they’re not going to make a nest somewhere inside the home.

Speaking with a professional regarding pest control is always a sure way to remove the bees from the inside, or the outside of your house. You do not want to worry about having them flying around while trying to sleep, clean, eat or do any of your daily activities. Skip the worry about the bees in the house and hire someone that can completely remove them and eliminate the problem entirely.

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