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Bed Bug Interceptor

What is a Bed Bug Interceptor and How Does it Work?

Every year, 1 in every 5 households is affected by bed bugs. That is 20% of all houses, apartments and townhomes. Bed bugs are a serious nuisance which cannot be ignored. They bite their victims while they sleep and live from the blood harvested. Pretty nasty stuff.

There are all types of ways to attack a bed bug problem. Here at Sunstate Pest we have our own routine which gets rid of bed bugs 100% of the time. Never hesitate to call your local licensed pest control agent in the Brevard County area and tell them exactly what is going on.


You have always heard the saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We all know this to be true. In this article we want to discuss a type of prevention which is not used nearly enough in our opinion. This device is known as a “bed bug interceptor”.

The Bed Bug Interceptor does just what it says. It stops bugs before they can get into your bed. So what is it exactly? It is a simple but effective design. They are a saucer-like device which have a deep groove built into them. You place one under each post of your bed. The bed bugs fall into the groove and they cannot get out.

Not Fool Proof

Bed bugs often get into beds other ways. They can be introduced to your bed by your luggage, having a friend stay over or even by your own body if you sleep somewhere else for a night.

The ground approach is definitely one major way for bed bugs to get into your bed and if you are looking to prevent them then buying some Bed Bug Interceptors is a good idea.

You can pick them up at Home Depot or order online


02 Feb

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