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Wasps in your yard

What is Attracting Wasps to My Yard?

There are 30,000 species of wasp spanning the entire world. Some can be docile in nature but many are aggressive in defending their territory. Stings can be very painful and for some they can be deadly as well. From 2000-2017, 1109 people were killed by wasp, bee or hornet stings in the United States. So, if you see wasps in your yard or on your house on a regular basis, it may benefit you to know what is attracting them.

Fruit Trees

These are nice to have in your yard. You can have a nice little snack anytime you need one. Unfortunately, wasps are attracted to sugary fruits as well. You can pick up and remove fruit which has fallen off the tree in an effort to make the area less desirable for wasps.


Humans love flowers. They are pretty and smell nice. Wasps love flowers too. The bright colors tract them. This holds true for brightly colored clothing as well believe it or not.

Water Source

Wasps have to drink water too. A bird bath, swimming pool or water sitting around in old tires is enough to attract wasps and make them consider your yard as the perfect place to set up shop. Use a pool cover when possible and dump out any standing water to prevent attracting wasps.

Untreated Wood

Wasps love to build on wood. They prefer untreated wood. In fact, they will often times chew through paint to get to the wood beneath. But untreated wood is like handing them the spot on a silver platter. You can touch up any unpainted spots to avoid attracting wasps.

Open or Old Trash

Your trash can gives off an odor which wasps can smell. They will often times scavenge for sweet food sources when hungry and exposed trash is not off limits for them. You want to keep your trash tied up tight and make sure it is removed from the premises as often as possible.


We hope these tips have helped you understand what attract wasps to your home. With this information you may be able to prevent future infestations. If you already have bothersome nests on or around your home, the best time of day to spray them with wasp killer is at night when they are all at home and resting. Make sure there is no wind or that you are not down wind so that none of the wasp spray gets on you.

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