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What Is Available to Get Rid of Mosquitoes?

There are the usual over-the-counter remedies like Yard Guard. These are dispersal devices that fog the area that you want protected. The fog lasts long enough to kill the adult mosquitoes that are in the area and for at least this party, you’ll be good. But Yard Guard type products only last so long. They can’t get to all of the areas that you need to reach. That is where a pest control specialist comes in. They can draw up a plan that will help provide you with year-long protection. And if you live in Melbourne, Florida, you’ll know that you need protection all year long.

A pest control specialist has a few different methods to treat your property and keep the mosquitoes at bay. There are two back pack systems. One is a fogging system and one is a misting system. Both deliver an insecticide that can kill adult mosquitoes and their larvae and both will penetrate areas where mosquitoes like to hide. The difference is how long the treatment lasts.

The effects of the mosquito fogging chemical last for about 3 weeks. In this time, you can be assured that the chemicals are steadily killing mosquitoes that hatch from the larvae. To be truly effective you should re-fog every few weeks. If you let the time lapse it is like having to start all over again.

If you opt for the misting backpack be aware that this is a plant-based insecticide. Though safer in that respect, the effects only last for a few hours. You will have to treat an area several times per day for it to effectively kill the mosquito population. This makes it less practical for a backpack solution unless you only what to ensure the area is mosquito-free for an event. In that case, it could be a better solution because it dissipates more quickly.

Another answer is a misting or fogging system. Once the fogging or misting service is installed, you can set it up to go off on a regular schedule. It will mist or fog your yard with no intervention from you, much like a sprinkler system. The systems are usually set up around the perimeter of your home. Like any type of system, it has to be monitored on a routine schedule, but other than that it is completely independent and needs no intervention.

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