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What is the Jadera Bug? Is it a Pest?

Even though Florida is warm most of the year, the temperatures do drop some in the winter. In Brevard County, high temperatures average around 71 degree at winter’s midpoint. Nighttime temperatures average just 49 degrees. This cold period causes insects to head for cover and find warmth anywhere they can.

One bug you may see trying to gain shelter in your home is something called a Jadera Bug. This bug is mainly found in Florida and the islands to the south of Florida but has been spotted in other states such as Oklahoma and Texas. The bugs live on plant seeds and in small numbers are not really a problem but can overpopulate areas and cause a nuisance.

They are a scentless bug with a red backside that actually can rub off on clothing. It has a length of 9.5 to 13.5 mm. There is a winged version of it that is 7 to 8mm long. They are sometimes confused with their northern and western cousin the Boxelder Bug. The bug also has red eyes that match the coloring on its back.

You will see a population growth in Spring as the bug mates and takes advantage of warmer weather. April and May seem to be their most active months. Synonyms for this bug are “red-shouldered bug” and “the goldenrain tree bug”.

These bugs are in no way dangerous. They are just annoying in high numbers. Usually removing them by hand and policing their food supply will get rid of them. But if they are a constant nuisance you will want to call a pest professional to solve the problem.

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