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What Kind of Pests Are Found in Florida?

Florida is a great state and as with any other desirable place to live, it comes with its good traits and bad traits. I think we can all agree that the weather is certainly one of the best features Florida has to offer, but with that weather comes the down aide – pests. Yes, pests can be found in every state. Many are the same.

There are fleas everywhere, ticks everywhere, roaches everywhere and mosquitoes everywhere there is standing water, but some pests are just in the South where the climate is advantageous to the pest’s survival. Here are a few of the pests you may encounter in your home, and for which you may want a Pest control specialist to help you remove. Fleas, ticks and roaches are those that most people are familiar with so we’ll skip over to the ones unique to the region.

There are many varieties of lizards that inhabit Florida and fortunately, inhabiting your home is not something they particularly care to do. They can, however, come into your home and are likely not a wanted guest. If you don’t mind lizards, you can just pick it up (if you can catch it) and gently release it outside. If you are afraid of lizards, call a pest control specialist to help you. The thing about lizards is that they eat the insects that will also try to get into your home. If you see a lizard walking along your porch be nice to it, it’s the one of the few things between you and an infestation of insects. Plus, they are harmless.

A native insect that causes homeowners’ a problem is the ant. Yes, you have ants where you come from but you may not have the same variety of ant that we have. Like other parts of the South, in Melbourne, Florida we have fire ants. Fire ants live in colonies of the thousands. They can damage your lawn and your landscaping, and fire ants bite. If you see an ant you can be sure there are more. Start looking for ant hills or trails of ants. If you want help eliminating them call us.

Aside from lizards we have snakes, millipedes, rats, and many other vermin that you have in other parts of the country. For the most part the same rules apply to all species of pest; hit them where it hurts through exclusion, elimination of food, water sources, and a place to live.

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