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What kind of training does a Pest Control Operator Need?

Doctors go to medical school.  Lawyers go to law school.  Those who build roads, bridges and buildings go to college for engineering.  Most professions have some sort of license or certification that needs to be obtained before someone can perform that job.  Even those who work in the fast food industry need to know about health regulations.  So what about the person who comes to your home, does an evaluation of your pest problem and then performs the steps necessary to rid you of those pests?  Have you ever wondered what kind of training or licensing is required?

You can rest easy, all pest control companies have to have a license to operate.  It would be a scary thought to think those that are spraying chemicals around where we live, have no training or education in the subject. There are many different certifications that can be obtained to operate a pest control business.  Florida has some of the strictest regulations regarding pest control.  These regulations are under the control of Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  Licenses vary from “Commercial Structural Pest Control” and the “Limited Urban Commercial Fertilizer Applicator Certification Program” to the “Limited Commercial Wildlife Management Certification”.

These certifications and licenses are only available to those who operate in a commercial application of pesticides and pest control measures.   Even then, those looking to get a pest control license need to show proof that they have worked under someone with the same license they are seeking to obtain.  To qualify for a license, a passing grade of 75% is required.  Every two years someone holding a license must show continuing education in the area of pest control they certified in.  Also, anyone who passes the examination needs to show proof that they or their employer has sufficient insurance to cover property damage and bodily injury before the certificate is issued.

Homeowners and business owners can rest assured that when calling in a pest control expert, that they are in good hands.  These professionals have studied, learned and earned a license in the area of pest control they deal with.  Never deal with an agency that cannot produce their certificate.  Whoever you deal with should be happy to show any licenses they possess.  If there is any question about the validity of a pest control company, double check before hiring them.

08 Mar

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