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What kinds of pests are in Florida?

Florida is often thought of as the ideal place, a paradise per se.  With the warm temperatures and palm trees, who could ask for more?  It should come as no surprise to you that as much as people like these attributes in Florida, so do pests.  And there is quite a list of pests that those living in Florida have to deal with.

One pest that I was surprised at finding in Florida was the tick.  It isn’t a pest that you normally hear associated with Florida.  Did you know there are about 80 different kinds of ticks in the USA?  Think of all the diseases that can be transmitted by these 80 kinds of ticks.  Not a pleasant thought.  Plus, most places in the USA only deal with ticks in the spring, the summer and the fall.  Ticks tend to go away in the cold.  Florida doesn’t have a much of a cold season, so their tick season is much longer than other areas of the country.  Fleas are another pest that just loves warm weather.  Where a lot of the USA has fleas seasonally, lucky Florida gets to have them most of the year.

Let’s talk about ants.  Ants are one of the toughest pests to control.  It may look as though ants are nowhere to be found, but drop one crumb and it is like an ant convention.  And as we all know, Florida also has those lovely fire ants.  Ouch!

Roaches are a very common problem in most areas.  You can be a clean freak but if you live next to someone who is not, you may inherit their roach problem. Keeping your house clean will help keep roaches away, but do you know that water damage can also attract roaches?  Florida is a damp area so roaches just love it here.

Some other common pests in Florida are rodents, termites and bed bugs.  Bed bugs have become an almost unmanageable problem around the country.  Many people transfer bed bugs while traveling and since Florida has a huge tourist base, a tremendous amount of bed bugs have ended up here.  Termites enter our homes from brush and wood or even mulch that is close to our homes.  Florida has a tremendous amount of brush near homes.

These pests can cause havoc in your home and in your life.  Learn how to deal with these potential housemates for a truly ideal home in paradise.

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