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Termite damage

When Do Termites Do The Most Damage?

Termites are active all year long. Once they have infested your house, they can cause damage at any time, regardless of the weather. Spring is a big season for termites since it is the swarming season, and they are visibly more active. At this time of the year, male and female reproductives (termite swarmers) leave their nest in search of mates and new locations to establish new termite colonies. When you see swarmers around your property, it necessarily doesn’t mean that your house is infested or damaged. However, any termite activity indoor or around your yard could indicate that a mature colony is active on your property. Hence, it is essential to have your home inspected before it’s too late.

Most termite damages occur in the summer. During this season, worker termites tunnel underground and come up from the ground to feed on the inside wood, making it difficult to see them. Warm temperatures allow them to become more active, enabling them to work much faster. Cold temperatures, on the other hand, slow them down. Hence you will find them more active at the peak of the summer season. They feed on wood 24 hours a day without rest and can continue with this activity 365 days a year under the right circumstances. This means that they can do much more damage during summer than at any other time of the year.

How to identify termite damage on your equity

Most homeowners wait to see signs of an obvious sign of termite problem, which may never show. They don’t know that termites are happily consuming wooden structures in their home and growing in number every day without showing any sign of their presence. It is until extensive property damage is done that they realize they have been hosting a colony of termites on their home, which will be too late.

However, with a combination of knowledge and being watchful, you can spot warning signs of a potential infestation in your home. Hence with the help of termite exterminators, you can locate and treat termite infestation before it’s too late. Here are warning signs that you should look out for to determine if you are dealing with an infestation.

  • Discarded termite wings along windowsills and inside lights close to the ceiling
  • Property damage
  • Mud tubes in your exterior walls
  • Termite droppings

Termites reproduce quickly, and if left untreated, they can create thousands of dollars in property damage. Therefore, if you notice any of the above signs, reach out to a termite control company to assist in locating and eradicating termite infestation.

29 Nov

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