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When is it Time to Call a Pest Control Company?

There are millions of species of insects in this world.  No one can go their entire life and not see them in and around your home.  But when is it time to call a pest control company to manage them?  The truth is that there are practical do-it-yourself ways to prevent infestations and manage wildlife encroachment, but sometimes it just isn’t enough.

Establishing a Relationship

The best advice is to go ahead and establish a relationship with your pest control company.  Depending on the area in which you live, your pest populations will vary.  Southern states have a higher need for year round preventative measures due to the warm and humid climate.  Northern states may have more species specific issues like stink bugs in late fall or rodents seeking shelter out of the cold.  When a problem arises, it is best to already have a working relationship with a licensed professional already familiar with your preferences, your area, and your home’s potential entry points.

Pests You Should Always Call about

If you see a ladybug in your home, chances are, you can chalk it up as good luck, but there are some pests you should always call your pest control servicer for right away.  Seeing one or two of these means there are likely more and it is better to treat the problem sooner than later:


-Bed bugs

-Carpenter ants

-Mouse or rat


Spiders in the home, not necessarily around your home

Spiders are good natural pest managers, but too many of them around the exterior of your home and it could be evidence of a larger pest problem.  If you find them in your home, it is always best to discuss with your pest control company a plan of action.  Most spiders are just a nuisance, but some can prove very dangerous and fatal for young children and the elderly.


Many people believe routine pest management services are expensive.  When you average it out annually, it is only an average of $25-$45 a month, depending on your area and service needs.  Most companies will come out at no charge in between treatments if there are pest problems that arise.

They are not just average people coming out to spray your home with the bottle of chemicals from the store.  They are highly skilled technicians that provide a smart and effective way of eliminating pests as well as preventing infestations so you can have peace of mind.  While some services would be extra, like termite treatment or rodent control, having regular service guarantees these issues would be caught and handled early on before they become a huge expensive financial burden.

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