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When to Contact a Pest Professional

Homeowners frequently attempt to try and manage pest problems on their own; however, the fact is that the majority of pests are best left to a pest professional. These experts have the training, knowledge, and tools needed to safely as well as efficiently exterminate pest infestations. Often when homeowners treat a pest problem by themselves, only a small percentage is taken care of while the root of the problem remains, wasting the homeowners time and money. Pests in view may be eliminated, while a greater infestation continues to grow behind the scenes.


Wood-boring bugs such as termites, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, as well as powder post beetles may cause damage to your homes support beams, resulting in costly repairs that generally are not covered by a homeowner insurance policy. Each year, approximately five billion dollars in damage is caused by termites alone, and are considered “silent destroyers” due to the ability to gnaw through wood, wallpaper, and flooring, quietly and unnoticed. This fact is more alarming when you consider fifty-two percent of homeowners in the United States never had an inspection of their home for possible termites.

Stinging Insects

Yellow jackets, wasps, fire ants, and other stinging insects should be managed by a professional. Numerous stinging insects swarm in groups when they feel their nests threatened, causing a dangerous health hazard to homeowners. Each year, in fact, over a half a million individuals are sent to the emergency room due to these pests. Especially at risk are those with allergies.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs generally are extremely obscure, hiding in difficult to detect locations such as under wallpaper and electrical switches. Furthermore, these bugs are extremely resilient pests, known to survive many months without blood nutrition, and tolerating a broad range of temperatures, as high as 122° Fahrenheit and as low as freezing. In fact, a survey conducted by the National Pest Management Association or NPMA revealed that one out of every five U.S. citizens has had or knows someone who has had a bed bug infestation at home or encountered them in a hotel. Bed bugs are more difficult to treat than ants, termites, and cockroaches. Several treatments may be necessary to completely eliminate bed bugs.

Contact a Professional

If you suspect an infestation, do not waste time and money trying to eliminate them yourself, contact an experienced pest professional. An expert has the knowledge and tools needed to accurately detect your pest problem and advise you on the correct treatment.

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