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Where Do Mosquitoes Go When It Gets Cold?

Here in Central Florida we deal with mosquitoes most of the year. But in those few months where it cools off, there are no mosquitoes to be found. Florida mosquitoes go into hibernation just like the mosquitoes up north do. When the temperature dips below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the mosquitoes go into “diapause“, basically a form of suspended animation and development. This diapause applies to the existing eggs only. The adults die off.

It is a good idea to dump out any container with water in it that is around your house. This is where the eggs are. Once the weather starts warming back up, the eggs will begin to develop again. The more eggs that are sitting there around your house, the more mosquitoes that will attack you in the spring. This is because mosquitoes don’t travel very far from where they were first hatched. They are known to stay within a few hundred feet of their birth spot for their entire lifetime. -source: Mega Catch

There are 80 species of mosquito in Florida, second only to Texas, which has 85. West Virginia has the least variety with 26. The total number of species of mosquito in the US is 175. There are 3500 world wide!

Take this time in the cooler months to inspect and repair any and all screens you have at your home. Check the edges and make sure the screen is secure in the window. All it takes is one little opening for a mosquito to get in and make your life miserable. If you have ever had a mosquito in the room when you are trying to sleep you know exactly what I am talking about.

(pictured in image: mosquito larvae. credit: CDC)


11 Dec

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