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Termite treatment Brevard County FL

Which Termite Species Affect Floridians Most?

Termites are a problem for wooden structures in most any state you live in. Termites look at your beautiful home as a giant meal waiting to be devoured. They require the cellulose found in wood to live. Termites have special protozoa and bacteria in their gut which allows them to break down the coarse cellulose found in wood. They then convert it to energy. 

In Florida, termites are a major challenge for homeowners. Termites are as active in Florida as they are anywhere in the world. There are three species of termite here that affect homeowners more than any other. 

Three Most Active Species of Termite in Florida:

  1. West Indian dry wood termite
  2. Formosan subterranean termite
  3. Asian subterranean termite

As you may have ascertained from their names, these termites did not all originate from North America. Over centuries of human trading and traveling the globe, termites have managed to hitch a ride to our beautiful state. The Floridian sub-tropical climate is very close to where they originate. 


Nesting of Termites in Florida

It may surprise you to know that even though these termites all live off the energy stored in wood, their nesting habitats are different. Drywood termites nest inside the wood whereas subterranean termites nest underground. In fact, this is one of the easiest ways to tell what kind of termites they are. Do they live in the wood structure? If yes, then they are not the subterranean variety.

Knowing which species of termite is infesting your property is key. This will allow your pest control agent to know how to treat the problem. Prevention, on the other hand, is approached similarly for all species. It requires the building of a barrier around the home, in the ground, as well as treating the wood directly.

Signing a termite bond with a pest control company will assure that your home is treated and stays protected over the long-term. Although termite bonds and inspections are not required by Florida law, many lenders will not accept a mortgage without evidence that the home is termite-free.


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