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Why Do I Have Pests in My Apartment?

Living in an apartment or condo is a convenience for many people. They are part of a small community that is sharing the same space. There are benefits to being in close contact with your neighbors. But, there are also some detriments to tighter living quarters.

You can share a laugh with a neighbor across the hall. You can smell the delicious food cooking downstairs. You can hear the small children laughing as they play outside. These are all benefits of living in an apartment. But, you can also be a victim to a neighbors poor housekeeping and sloppy habits.

It only takes one apartment to not keep a clean household to affect everyone near by with pests. Pests are natures scavengers, they try to make sure no morsel of food goes uneaten. But they can bring discomfort and disease to humans.

Notify the property manager when you realize you have pests. Part of their job is to get the building treated and to try and make sure no apartment is attracting pests by sloppy upkeep. This can be a long and painful process so it is a good idea to hire your own pest company if you have a bad pest problem.

Other ways pests get into your apartment:

  • Second hand furniture. Make sure if you take in any second hand furniture, especially beds, couches or chairs, that it is treated for pests. This is how many pests, like bed bugs for instance, get into your apartment.
  • Potted plants outside. If you have some plants that go outside and back in on a regular basis, this may be where your pests are hitching a ride.
  • Packages or parcels. Many people don’t realize it but cardboard is a glucose based material. Certain bugs eat this stuff. And these same bugs may be feasting away on a package while it is delivered, and then brought into your home.
  • Bringing pests in from traveling. Many times people will unknowingly bring back pests from their travels. Bed Bugs are infamous for hitching rides back to your primary residence.

If you are at your wits end with pests and need solutions now, call a pest control specialist. In Brevard County Florida, call Sunstate Pest Control. We can usually have someone out to you next day and the quote is free.

22 Jul

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