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Mouse Infestation in Home

Why It is Important to Take Care of a Mouse Problem Right Away

When many people hear the term “house mouse” they may think of some cute little rodent depicted on a Christmas greeting card. The mouse is just raising its little family alongside of yours and everyone lives happily ever after. However, anyone who has ever had a mouse infestation can tell you its nothing like that. From the day they heard the first scurrying sound and after, their life was never the same.

Here are a number of bad things that results from having mice in your home:

  1. Disease – Mice spread disease. They can get infected with various ailments and then spread that to you and your family. Among these diseases is rabies, a disease which if not caught early enough will cause insanity then death.
  2. Unsanitary Living – Mice are dirty little rodents. They will urinate and defecate and track it around your home. This can cause family members to become ill repeatedly.
  3. Ticks, Lice, Fleas and Mites – This is the effect of a pest bringing in another pest. Fleas and mites bring with them a whole host of other diseases and bloodborne illnesses. These include Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Alpha-Gal and Lyme’s disease.
  4. Destruction of Property – Mice chomp n just about everything. And they will use just about any space as a bathroom. This damage can cost many thousands of dollars to repair.


  1. Make sure tiny holes leading into your walls are plugged. This is especially important on the outside of your home. Remember, mice are everywhere and they are constantly expanding territory and seeking a nice warm shelter.
  2. Dispose of Garbage Right Away – Trash and garbage sitting in or outside of home is like a neon sign for pests. Make sure to be vigilant in removing waste from your home.
  3. Food Storage – Storing food (outside of the fridge) in airtight containers is important. Even a loosely tied off bag of bread is enough of a scent to draw in pests. Do not have morals laying around. Sweep and vacuum as often as possible.


Although there are mouse traps and baits available on the open market, they are not very effective if you don’t know what you are doing. It is also important to remember that a single female mouse can have up to 35 babies per year. So, if you are laying out some traps after they have already proliferated, you may be numerically outnumbered. Calling a certified pest agent is your best bet. Pest control can be very affordable and convienent.


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