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Why Mice are Difficult to Get Rid Of Without Help

As temperatures plummet, mice go from enjoying their time outdoors and coming into your home for an occasional snack, to looking for a place to crash for the winter. This is a serious issue because mice like to have lots of babies, and just a few of the little guys trying to stay warm for the winter can turn into a full-blown infestation. Many homeowners believe that they can handle such a problem on their own, but the truth is, that mice are darned hard to get rid of without professional help.

They Multiply Fast

The main problem with mice is that they reproduce very quickly. Even a skilled pest control expert will find it hard to keep up with the reproduction of these little furry guys, and a homeowner won’t understand just how many mice they have living around the house, no matter how many they find in their traps. For every mouse that you manage to get rid of, you’ll have two or three others that take its place, creating a never-ending cycle of rodents in your home.

Traps Aren’t that Effective

Mouse traps are the most common method that homeowners rely on to get rid of mice, and they do work to an extent. However, they’re not nearly effective enough on their own to get rid of a mouse population. Traps only kill a few mice here and there, and they only do that when you set them carefully enough for them to work at all. With so many mice reproducing, your traps will never be able to keep up, and eventually the population will grow much larger than the number of traps that you can lay out.

Poison is a No No

Fine, traps don’t work that great, but maybe poison is the answer. Unfortunately, poison isn’t that great for getting rid of mice. Sure, it kills them easily enough, but it causes all sorts of other problems for you and your home. First, mice aren’t the only ones that like poison. Any pets you have will be at risk when you lay this stuff out, and even children could be at risk if any poison is placed in areas that are out in the open. Another issue is that poisoned mice tend to die in awkward places within your home. You’ll have dead mice under your sink, you’ll have them lodged into sections of your wall, and you’ll have them hiding in every nook and cranny of your home. You won’t know where to find them, but you’ll smell them as time goes by.

With enough diligence, you’ll be able to remove some mice from your home, but it’s going to be highly unlikely that you’ll be able to get rid of every single mouse in your home without professional help this winter. Mice are very difficult to do away with, and only by attacking the problem with a multi-pronged approach created by a serious professional, will you have a chance to get your home to be rodent free.

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