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The problem with rat traps

Why Rat Traps Won’t Solve Your Rat Problem

One of the many pests that you can get at your home, farm or business are rodents. Rats terrify more people than others, largely because of the history associated with it. Rats are responsible for millions of human deaths in the past because they carried disease.

Today, getting disease from rats is less of a worry but they are still a problem. They can destroy your structure, leave feces everywhere and get into your food supply.

Most people think that rat traps are a good way to combat a rat problem. In this article we wil go over the main reasons that store-bought rat traps alone may be insufficient in handling your rat problem.

They’re Too Small

Rats can get big. Many of the over-the-counter traps are no bigger than the palm of your hand. There simply isn’t enough power in these traps to trap or kill a large rodent.

They’re Too Smart

Rats are actually pretty smart creatures. If they see a baited rat trap, they will surely investigate. They may even find a way to set it off without getting caught. It only takes them seeing the trap in action one time before they figure out what is going on.

Setting Traps is Complicated

Rats come in different species. Some rats are vegetarian in nature. So, setting a piece of cheese in the trap will not attract some rats. It will, however, attract other pests like ants and roaches. If you don’t know what breed your rat is, then you will be spinning your wheels and wasting time while the rat problem gets worse.

There are so Many

If you have a real infestation of rats then traps will be largely ineffective. You may get one or two rats but what does this mean if you have 25 rats on your property? Rats can reproduce in the hundreds. You will not have enough traps or enough time to deal with the problem.

Call a pest control specialist today and get the job done correctly the first time around.

12 Aug

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